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The Best of Peter Egan offers a “greatest hits” collection of Egan's motorcycle musings from the past four decades, delivered in his signature, wise but amusing, style. Peter Egan's writing invites you to pull up a chair, pour a little scotch, and relax while he shares with you his tales from the road, his motorcycling philosophy, and his keen observations about the two-wheeled life.

For some forty years, Peter Egan’s columns and feature articles have been among Cycle World's most anticipated monthly content. Egan's legions of fans know they will gain a fresh perspective on motorcycling from each of his articles.

Drawings from motoring artist Hector Cademartori beautifully illustrate Egan’s musings, and a foreword by super-enthusiast Jay Leno introduces the book. This is an unforgettable collection from a master writer whose simple adventures of two-wheeled life remind us why we love to ride.

Plus, this limited edition copy comes with a special slip cover and note from Peter Egan. Originally printed for a Cycle World event, these are now only available while supplies last through Motorcycle Classics!

Category: Books

Author: Peter Egan

Pages: 288

Format: Hardcover

Weight: 1.97

Item Number: 10681

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