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Street Rider’s Guide spells out safety tactics for motorcycle riders looking to get the most out of their favorite hobby for as long as possible. Covering topics from A to Z, this go-to handbook provides motorcyclists quick solutions to nearly 100 commonly encountered obstacles and road challenges (what safety experts call increasing a rider’s “situational awareness”). As author David L. Hough writes in the introduction, the most important way to avoid crashes is “to figure out what’s happening.” While many books exist on the market for riders looking to improve their ride or get better control of their bikes, no book out there is dedicated to helping riders develop their situational awareness, which is the most critical skill a rider can have.

Inside Street Rider’s Guide:

• Alphabetically arranged topics from “Alley Acumen” to “Zone Woes”
• Short descriptions of more than 80 critical situations selected by the author
• Expert tips about how to recognize oncoming hazards and how to avoid them
• A color photograph accompanies each entry, to illustrate real-life situations

Category: Books

Author: David Hough

Pages: 192

Format: Paperback

Item Number: 9355

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